Python development company

Software solutions in small startups and large enterprises have been relying on our expertise in Python development for years. While we often surprise our customers with innovative solution concepts, our developments always bring the expected success. Whether as a server-side programming language for backend applications or as a scripting language for automation – Python is the Swiss knife in the KITRUM portfolio.

From Python-written program & supportive system, upgrade & development, to transfer applications to python-grounded, we present the package & quality development services that take into account a large variety of requirements. Here are the services we provide:

KITRUM range of Python Development Services:

  • Web Development – to create web applications with Python, we use Flask or Django for server-side code development. 
  • Data Science — During the project we tend to use data analysis and visualization, machine learning, and other data science technologies. 
  • Desktop application – Despite the popularity of languages like C++/C# or Java for desktop app creation, Python could be in use too. 
  • Blockchain Applications – To help the developers interact with the blockchain, we prefer the Flask framework. This way, developers are free to use HTTP requests to create endpoints for distinct functions of blockchain. 
  • Audio and Video Applications – There are several Python libraries like OpenCV or PyDub that help in complex audio and video application development. 
  • Game App Development –  Python is used to test created game prototypes in real-time. Moreover, Python allows the creation of many design tools that help in the game development process. 
  • System Administration Applications –  If you want to create system administration applications Python is a perfect fit. It allows developers to easily communicate with the operating system via the ‘os’ module.

Technologies we use to build first-class Python-based solutions:



Django allows the rapid development of well-structured web applications. Developers can fall back on many universally applicable functions and concentrate on meeting project requirements.



Falcon is a Python microframework that is used widely and aimed at developing web APIs. It differs from other frameworks in terms of building HTTP APIs. Falcon enables developers to create clearer and simpler designs, which comply with HTTP and REST architectures.



This one is specifically designed for companies that produce content or use a lot of content in their work processes – publishers, content managers, etc. It is fully applicable into CMS and has custom applications for managing content.



Flask is a so-called micro-web framework. In contrast to Zope and Django, for example, it does not have an integrated database layer. But that makes it more manageable and flexible.



If you are looking for an easy way to create a Python web framework Pyramid may be a great choice. It is a lightweight framework used for the creation of an application.

Want to hire Python developers in your team? Looking to build dedicated Python dev team in our R&D?

Why Would You Definitely Like KITRUM’s Python Development Team?

  1. End-to-End Python Development
    We provide a complete Python development solution. Our teams have accumulated more than 6 years of experience in Python development. During this time we have implemented both smaller websites and extensive high-traffic portals with the highest security requirements
  2. Agile Software Development
    Innovative projects need flexible development concepts. KITRUM usually develops Python applications in small, compact teams that use agile management methods. We’re quick and powerful in this setup.
  3. Broad Expertise
    Our team is as diverse as the range of uses for Python. KITRUM offers you the expertise of senior developers for front-end and back-end development, experienced network technicians, and hardware specialists who are able to fully exploit the potential of Python.

Python. Main features

It provides structures that allow explicit programming to a small and large extent. Python is dynamically typed with automatic memory management. It encourages numerous paradigms, for example procedural, object-oriented, and functional programming. Python represents a complex standard library, and is specified as “batteries included”. Python interpreters are accessible for a lot of operating systems.

Big Data

Big Data is becoming popular nowadays, Python becomes a language to reduce memory loss. The more data you need to deal with, the more critical it turns to control the memory.


The advantage of Python is that it operates on numerous platforms, so you write the same code. Furthermore, Python is used to bound code created in several languages.

Winning time

Creating a product in Python will take less time and exact code than other languages. If it demands around 100 lines of code to do stuff in Java or C++ that could be completed in 30 lines in Python.