Software Testing and QA

When the work is done, it needs to be tested. We know how to crash code, in a good way

We handle the entire testing process from requirements and documentation review and testing process realization

It’s difficult to maintain the architectural quality of the software. There are two control actions: quality assurance and testing. The two terms relate to totally different phases of software quality control.

QA concentrates on the organizational side of quality management, observing the sequence of the production process. A company has to be assured the processes are streamlined and suitable as per the quality norms established for software products.

Testing identifies and fixes tech concerns in the software code and estimating the overall product utility, production, safety, and adaptability. It can be done by the test engineers alongside the development process.

KITRUM QA and Software Testing Solutions

During the last 6 years, we have been providing QA and Software testing services for companies in different industries, such as Healthcare, Banking, Real Estate, Education, Media, so on. Let’s explore the solutions the KITRUM team created to boost your business:

  • QA Consulting 

KITRUM QA specialists are ready to help you identify any issues in your QA development process and go through the testing phase using our best testing practices and technologies.

  • Manual Testing

Manual testing includes the most common testing solutions as Errors, Security, Usability, and so on. When we perform it, we look at the product from the end-user perspective. 

  • Automation Testing

This approach is ideal if you don’t have enough time to conduct proper custom testing. KITRUM QA experts created custom automated scripts to save your time and costs.  

  • API Testing

To be sure that your application’s interface is functional, reliable, secure, and shows great performance, we need to conduct API testing. Moreover, this approach reduces Manual testing costs because of GUI integration. 

  • Web & Mobile QA

Our QA specialists always follow market and technology trends to embed this knowledge into your project. Web and Mobile testing help us to indicate any bugs and technical issues in advance. 

  • Security Testing

KITRUM team performs security testing to identify any security threats and gaps in your product. We use models of potentially risky scenarios during the testing stage and create a plan to secure the software solution for maximum data safety.  

  • Performance Testing

If you want to focus on maximum user experience, you had to walk through performance testing. This approach will help our team to ensure that your app and servers have the highest level of performance, stability, and responsiveness.

The main principles of Software Testing

Early testing

The price of a mistake increases during the SDLC. Consequently, it is essential to begin testing the software as early as possible so that the identified bugs are fixed.

Testing reveals the existence of errors

The purpose of testing is identifying errors and bugs. However, we’re paranoid about bugs, we can never be convinced there are no bugs. We test software to minimize the number of flaws.

Pesticide paradox

Applying the identical test every time won’t allow you to uncover more bugs. It’s crucial to examine and modernize the tests repeatedly to adjust and get more bugs.

Absence-of-errors fallacy

If there are no errors in your software at all, it doesn’t mean it’s successful. Detecting and resolving bugs doesn’t work if the software is worthless and doesn’t meet the customers’ needs & demands.

Defect clustering

Defect Clustering means a little number of modules cover most of the bugs. This is the implementation of the Pareto rule to software testing: about 80% of the errors are detected in 20% of the modules. Much like in your office, that one guy who messes up all the time and everyone else has to cover for him.

Exhaustive testing is impossible

It’s impossible to test all combinations of data, scenarios, and requirements inside an application. The requirement is the optimal number of testing based on the risk assessment of the application.

Testing is context-dependent

Depending on their purpose or industry, different applications should be tested differently. You wouldn’t test a cough drop the same way you test a parachute, right? The method you test a car’s autopilot varies from the way you test a website for a store. All software is not created equal.

Have some software testing work to do?

Agile Methodology

If you bring agility to software development and software testing, you can react faster to system errors and save a lot of time and money in retrospect. That is the reason we prefer flexible agile methodologies such as sprint workflow, daily sync-ups, and Scrum or Kanban model. Besides, an agile management system allows you to pick top talent developers according to your business needs, sympathy, or industry-related requirements.


As we already mentioned, the testing process impacts the cost of software development by itself. However, depending on the developer’s team’s core values and beliefs in terms of work results, some solutions are more likely to save your financial resources. KITRUM team aimed to deliver a high-quality competitive product that will be beneficial to you and to your customers. We are ready to help you improve existing software, create applications based on your ideas, and offer our vision – just drop us a line.


KITRUM team conducts QA and Software testing for every project in the portfolio plus we can check your application performance as a separate service. Nevertheless, we gained expert vision in QA and Software testing approach while working with many industries from Banking to E-learning. We have experience in successfully conducting testing for small, medium-sized, and enterprise-level companies. Our custom QA testing solution will help you to deliver the best quality for your customers.

Quality Assurance

Technology transfer

This procedure involves getting a product design document as well as the trial and error data and its evaluation. The documents are distributed, checked and approved.


Here, the validation master plan for the entire system is prepared, approval of test criteria for validating product and process is set, and resource planning for the execution of a validation plan is done.


This function controls the distribution and archiving of documents. Any change in a document is made by adopting the proper change control procedure. Approval of all types of documents is finalized.

The Differences Between Software Testing & QA Services

Software testing is a process to evaluate the functionality of a software application. It is used to determine whether the developed software meets the specified requirements or not. In addition, we use software testing to identify deficiencies and thus ensure that the product works largely flawlessly. Software testing takes place before the product is released. 

On the other hand, Quality assurance is crucial for establishing and maintaining quality standards and is used in all technical and organizational measures. QA testing methods are used during the whole development cycle. With quality assurance, defined quality requirements for production and service provision are to be met right from the start.

 testers adhere to them, searching for issues before the product is released to the market.

The Benefits of QA and Software Testing Services

To help you understand the importance of test procedure software, we have explained the four most important points below.

1. Software testing saves money.

Software development consists of many phases and if errors are discovered in the early phases, it is usually cheaper to fix them. It is therefore important to carry out tests as early as possible. Test-Driven Development stipulates that the tests are written before development, which is particularly important for complex and validated environments.

2. More security.

People look for products they can trust, they can rely on, and that have been extensively tested for functionality and security. Our personal data should be treated as confidentially as possible. Security testing gives the user a trustworthy product, as problems and risks are identified in advance and eliminated during development.

3. Better product quality.

Compliance with product requirements is essential to some extent because it helps to achieve the desired end results. Digital products should offer their users added value and support them in completing certain tasks faster, easier, and more efficiently. It is therefore very important that digital products actually and continuously deliver this added value – and ideally also after a new update, i.e. after a mostly comprehensive change to the software.

4. Greater customer satisfaction.

The primary goal of our team is to achieve the best customer satisfaction while they use digital products (mostly achieved through an agile process model and a UX design that is tailored to it ). This is also the main reason why apps and software should be tested – to ensure the consistency of requirements over the entire product life cycle. Customer trust is not easy to earn, especially if the product has more bugs after new releases.

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