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Individualized Software Development Services for Any and All Companies, Brands or Startups

Businesses need to constantly improve and maintain outdated systems. They must also invest in new applications because technologies continuously evolve. Modern systems enable enterprises to manage growth and business efficiency. World-famous companies are implementing applications that improve user experience, reduce downtime and save on costs. Thanks to modern technologies, artificial intelligence, and mobility, we obtain more flexible design methods that make it possible to manage business growth and development effectively as well as ensure the growth of value for customers.

It is KitRUM that delves into understanding business processes and provides long-term, optimal solutions. The company has all the necessary experience to ensure that their customers become long-term partners. KitRUM creates software that fully satisfies all the stakeholders.

Wait. What are we doing?

To solve consumer problems, we create high-end software. To this end, the team diligently studies and introduces new methods and approaches, ensuring top quality software.

Software Development

We use innovative tools, support the process from the product roadmap and design, while providing quality assurance and customer support.

Building Dev Teams

We provide a team of professionals and organize the workflow on any scale of project.

Who we help

Early Stage Ventures and Startups

Growing online businesses

Small and medium-scale b2b companies

Our process

We genuinely care about the entire development cycle for software applications. It cannot be understated how flexible delivery models, advanced technologies and in depth knowledge help us provide top quality results.

  • Research

    Software Concept Development

    Preliminary market research, analysis, presentation of data and information about competitors, a collection of feedback from end users, and search for a market. Against the backdrop of the obtained data, a project concept is created.

  • Study

    Requirement Analysis

    Clarification of the consumer’s wishes and quality analysis, as well as the elimination of any ambiguity of business requirements. Providing an integrated business process and data flow models.

  • Solution

    Technology Selection

    Provision of the most profitable and suitable technology for future solutions. Advise on replacing outdated and inefficient technology.

  • Architecture

    Software Product Building

    Providing a product ready for integration with any system that will ensure increased reliability and performance. Introducing big data and real-time components.

  • Compatibility

    Integration With Third-party Services

    Integration with third-party services and applications, securing connections between systems without duplicating and slowing down data to avoid manual data entry and make their work convenient.

  • Security

    Software Protection

    In connection with constantly evolving threats, we propose measures aimed at countering and protecting against unauthorized copying of information. We implement the highest standard of privacy and security to gain user confidence.

  • Assurance

    QA and Testing

    KitRUM offers safety and performance testing. This is a factor in ensuring the timely elimination of potential problems. We ensure the quality of every product life cycle or application delivery.

  • Management

    Launch, Maintenance and Support

    Continuous improvement of the quality of service to our customers. The introduction of flexible management techniques and problem response. The company provides full-cycle customer support services.

Why us?

We create custom software using Agile methodologies. We guarantee full transparency of all above development services and at all stages of the project. Our team always strives to work for the success of our customers. We also offer extensive after sales support.

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