KITRUM is an Outsourcing Software Development Company

Who Are the Real People Behind the KITRUM Portfolio

We have access to more than 250+ developers who cover most of the modern web, mobile, and desktop technologies. We have 6 years of proven experience in cooperation with clients around the world. You can stop in at our offices in the United States, Ukraine, Mexico and Israel. You can kick back and have a cup of joe with us in these countries.

Our philosophy

Be a partner for clients and create a harmonious international collaboration of skilled specialists within different fields. Although we have different mother tongues and mothers, but we understand each other. We share a passion for great software development and create the best platform for work.

10/10 Client
are more than satisfied with the results and cooperation flow
2 week
Average ramping up time for a dedicated team with 5 developers
40 hours
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We work with healthcare, banking and financial organizations, aerospace, automotive, gaming industry, education, real estate, and tourism.

Our values

Take responsibility

We take charge of what we pledge ourselves to and interact openly to sync all the parts of the working process.

Mutual Respect

We respect people and embrace nonconformity. Our difference helps us create more original and innovative solutions.

Perfect reputation

We strive to outperform expectations and deliver wow-solutions. And it’s work with 10/10 clients.

Our Mission

To exceed our customers’ expectations with the top-tier software engineering talents that think of business, not just code.

Honored with awards