Healthcare Software Development Services

MPMS, EHR, and E-prescribing software for healthcare companies

KITRUM develops ground-breaking custom software solutions for healthcare companies

We apply innovative technologies like VR/AR and artificial intelligence to modify the healthcare market. As a healthcare software developer, KITRUM knows the industry’s requests and is well-versed in winning them. By outsourcing software development to KITRUM, you will get a solid and strong partner that creates and maintains reliable software products. We build MPMS, EHR, and E-prescribing software for healthcare companies. 

Here at KITRUM we:


Improve interactive checking

Wearable devices ensure reducing the necessity for real-time supervision with the doctor. Medical software developers can consolidate information from any external hardware into your product.


Sketch forecasts with AI

Artificial Intelligence-built solutions are created to amplify clinician analysis and data study. Healthcare software developers can improve medical diagnostics with machine learning algorithms.


Secure vulnerable data

Healthcare highlights among other businesses due to its significant protection rules. Healthcare software service providers help fulfill all these specifications.


Integrate custom solutions

Healthcare institutions want software development assistance that not just creates a solution but integrates it into their ongoing operation system.

How We Work

Create a perfect structure and UX 

During the beginning of the project, the starter lead develops complicated software architecture as a basis. After this stage, we develop a competitive software prototype to build a competitive and intuitive design later. We are focused to bring an outstanding user experience to your customers. 

Comply with the Industry Standards

The software developed by the KITRUM team always meets with HealthTech standards. Our developers are experienced in working with HL7 and FHIR data exchange standards, DICOM or PACS standards for images, and C-CDA for clinical document architecture. 

Uphold the Industry Security Standards

The KITRUM team enters the NDA deal even before we start to discuss your project ideas to ensure confidentiality. We have experience in working with security audit companies, therefore we are capable to guarantee that your medical software solution will meet GDPR standards and HIPAA requirements.

Healthcare Software Solutions we’ve built

Electronic Health Record (EHR/EMR) Software Solutions

In simple words, EHR/EMR solutions help doctors and other medical specialists track their patients’ records. All documents and files of the insured person are then saved on the electronic health card and are therefore available for the various applications in the health system. From physiotherapists to dentists to surgeons: every diagnosis and every treatment is noted on the electronic patient file.

Types of Electronic Health Record (EHR/EMR) Software Solutions:

  • Custom EHR/EMR Software Development
  • Mobile EHR/EMR Software Development
  • PHR EHR/EMR Software Development
  • Standardized Health Record Development 
  • EHR Development for Specialty Practices

Telehealth & Telemedicine Software Solutions

Telemedical care consists of the provision of telemedical services for the continuous monitoring of the health condition of patients as well as for the implementation of preventive and control examinations in the home environment. This type of medical care is possible with the use of portable medical devices that are used to record certain vital signs. The test results are automatically transmitted to the responsible telemedical center for further evaluation. In the event of abnormalities, the patient is advised by the medical staff to consult the treating doctor or a suitable specialist; in the event of a life-threatening condition, the rescue service is alerted.

Types of Telehealth & Telemedicine Software Solutions

  • Telemedicine Software Development
  • Telemedicine Mobile App Development
  • Streaming Telehealth Technology
  • Telemedicine Technology Integrations
  • Home Health Software Solutions

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Software Solutions

LIMS applications are database applications that support sample management and sample processing. They cover the entire workflow from the receipt of samples through the examination to data acquisition and evaluation. KITRUM team created a variety of different systems, some of which are industry-specific and focus on laboratory types such as research and development, quality control, or application technology.

Types of Laboratory Information Management System

LIMS software system that offers an individual range of functions via selection menus or workflow displays. Essentially, the following basic modules can be found:

  • Sample receipt and sample registration
  • Determination of the scope of the investigation
  • Assistance with sample distribution and processing
  • Results data acquisition
  • Calculation of results or limit value tests
  • Approval of the test results
  • Reporting and evaluations

Electronic Prescription (eRx) Software Solutions

An electronic prescription software allows doctors to prescribe drugs and remedies in a purely digital manner. An open system architecture offers interfaces for doctors, pharmacy, and patient systems. This allows using eRx in different model scenarios, whereby it could be ensured that the participating pharmacies can maintain the process with electronic prescriptions.

Types of eRx Software

  • eRx Clinical Decision Support (CDS)
  • eRx Mobile App Development
  • eRx Third-Party Integration

HIS & Practice Management Software Solutions

The main functions of hospital information systems (HIS) and medical practice management solutions are the acquisition, processing, and storage of medical, clinical, and administrative data in the hospital. These solutions allow you to manage workflow and optimize administrative processes. 

Types of HIS & Practice Management Software

  • Hospital Information Systems (HIS)
  • Hospital Case Management Systems
  • Practice Management Systems (PMS)
  • HIS & PMS Patient Portal Integration

AR App Development

Do you want to speed up medical image analysis and eliminate diagnostic errors? We help you recognize patterns in 2D and 3D medical images by integrating machine learning into custom embedded, mobile, and web applications. To this end we will:

  • annotate the images generated by medical devices: CT, OCT, MRI, X-ray, ultrasound;
  • use augmentation to expand image data sets;
  • feed the data into a neural network model that is provided in the cloud;
  • ensure compliance with the DICOM standard.

Veterinary Practice Management Software Solutions

KITRUM team develops cloud veterinary software for 6 years and has gained experience in creating user-friendly, highly functional veterinary management software to help veterinary clinics organize workflow. 

Types of Veterinary Practice Management Software:

  • Veterinary Software Solutions
  • Custom Veterinary Apps
  • Pet GPS Tracker Software
  • Veterinary Client Communication
  • Veterinary Accounting Software
  • Veterinary Scheduling Software
  • Veterinary Medical Device Integration

What do we offer?

  • Big Data solutions
  • Healthcare app development
  • Electronic Health Record Solutions
  • Information control solutions for hospitals
  • VR and AR healthcare software development
  • Data analytics with machine learning

Need extra hands for your Healthcare project?

Drop us a line and we’ll connect you with experienced devs.

    Why KITRUM:

    1. Expertise  

    KITRUM developers have created more than 40 software solutions for Healthcare companies and build a strong skillset including industry-specific knowledge. We will help you to develop your project from scratch, improve the quality of medical service, and implement technologies to optimize workflow. 

    1. Experience in developing HIPAA-compliant software 

    The HIPAA compliance of developed software is crucial to the successful product launch and implementation. We are familiar with the standards related to the Healthcare industry and will conduct thoughtful testing to ensure your software meets them. 

    1. Market expertise 

    We help our customers in the healthcare industry to successfully fulfill their mission – to save lives and take care of the health of their patients. We have been developing individual applications for medicine for over 6 years that support various health facilities, hospitals, clinics, and assisted living facilities.