Healthcare Software Development Services

MPMS, EHR and E-prescribing software for healthcare companies

KITRUM develops ground-breaking custom software solutions for healthcare companies

We apply innovative technologies like VR/AR and artificial intelligence to modify the healthcare market. As a healthcare software developer, KITRUM knows the industry’s requests and is well-versed in winning them. By outsourcing software development to KITRUM, you will get a solid and strong partner that creates and maintains reliable software products.

Here at KITRUM we:


Improve interactive checking

Wearable devices ensure reducing the necessity for real-time supervision with the doctor. Medical software developers can consolidate information from any external hardware into your product.


Sketch forecasts with AI

Artificial Intelligence-built solutions are created to amplify clinician analysis and data study. Healthcare software developers can improve medical diagnostics with machine learning algorithms.


Secure vulnerable data

Healthcare highlights among other businesses due to its significant protection rules. Healthcare software service providers help fulfill all these specifications.


Integrate custom solutions

Healthcare institutions want software development assistance that not just create a solution but integrate it into their ongoing operation system.

What do we offer?

  • Big Data solutions
  • Healthcare app development
  • Electronic Health Record Solutions
  • Information control solutions for hospitals
  • VR and AR healthcare software development
  • Data analytics with machine learning

Need extra hands for your Healthcare project?

Drop us a line and we’ll connect you with experienced devs.