JavaScript Development Service

How Do We Serve in JavaScript Development

KITRUM is a leading JavaScript development company providing state of the art web and app development solutions to its customers. Our experienced JS developers make the best use of cutting edge technologies such as Angular and HTML5 for creating apps tailored to customers’ needs. To convert your idea into a website or application, our developers implement top JavaScript libraries and frameworks like React JS, Angular JS, and Reactive Native. You can get cost-effective, efficient, and reliable web, server, and mobile applications from KITRUM.

What’s so special about Javascript?

Javascript (JS) is an easy understanding of programming language with excellent responsibility. It is most famous as the scriptwriting language for the Web, a lot of non-browser mediums utilization it as well, like Node.js, Apache CouchDB.

Main features

JavaScript is a prototype-built, multi-pattern, dynamic language, backing object-oriented, imperative, and declarative (e.g. procedural programming) styles. Javascript is simple to use, check easier and its power is improved more when it is mixed with HTML or CSS.


JavaScript makes web apps more effective, operative and functional therefore improving the UX of your product. It has a range of front-end and back-end development frameworks that accelerate development and time to market.

Huge community

JavaScript is maintained by a huge association of engineers who provide to the growth of this tech. It’s the most widespread programming language all over the globe drive millions of applications.

Multi functionality

JavaScript’s functionality allows creating maintainable products. It has unique functionality with a broad variety of frames, libraries, plugins, and additional tools that guarantee ongoing support.

JavaScript Web Development

JS is the one of the most popular programming languages for web development. Its ability to create fast-working interactive web pages stands it at the top among web development technologies. With JavaScript, we can easily add interactive features like carousels, image galleries, pictures, or response changing against a button hover or pressing event. KITRUM’s web development ranges from developing websites to games incorporating 2D, 3D graphics. Our full-stack web development team develops top-notch, scalable, and customized web solutions. 

JavaScript App Development

JavaScript creates across platform solutions. Powered by frameworks PhoneGap and Sencha Touch, JavaScript + HTML5 can create full-fledged mobile applications. We can also embed functionalities of third-party apps with the help of APIs, i.e. we can show the map on your mobile application by only pasting the Google MAP’s embeddable code; the same applies for Facebook and Twitter APIs. We don’t need to code those features we can embed from other applications.

Server-Side Applications

JavaScript is basically a client-side language but its application runtime environment Node.js makes it capable of developing server-side applications. We at KITRUM deploy Node.js and Javascript for creating server-side applications. The reasons to use this duo for such types of applications is their speed and intensive data handling. The lightweight Node.js environment best serves the real-time situations required by the servers.


  • Skilled JavaScript Developers
    Our JS development team consists of only full-stack senior web developers that we hire after scrutinizing their skills and portfolios. From requirements gathering to the deployment of the project, we implement web development best practices and offer post-delivery customer support.
  • Management and Communication
    Keeping our customers up-to-date about their project life-cycle is our core value. When you outsource product development to us we dedicate a customer care manager to you who keeps on exchanging the inputs and outputs between you and us. 
  • Legal Protection
    We keep the deals legal. We have a custom of signing a non-disclosure agreement in order to start a project. Our company believes in intellectual property rights and abides by them. Your sensitive information would remain confidential between you and our team; we are strictly bound to not disclose any information related to our clients’ which is unpermitted by them.

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