Android App Development Services

KITRUM creates string mobile applications, while additionally conveying support and security on a constant scenario. As a top android app development company that creates android applications for companies around the globe, KITRUM is centered around making applications with an expansive scope of features that empower our customers to pick up exceptional business esteem and an edge over their competitors. Our android app development team develops apps to address the rapidly changing technology trends such as creating IoT, AR, or VR features.

We use forefront app development practices, and feedbacks from clients to produce more noteworthy business solutions, client commitment, and rate of profitability for customer’s Android applications. We help build assorted and complex Android apps at a lower cost and apply quick implementations to your demands for new usefulness features. 

Constantly modernize your mobile apps to help the business spryness of this era. KITRUM utilizes exclusive systems to evaluate your application requirements and determine the best methodology for the development or redevelopment of your Android mobile app. 

Anyone can hit several rows of code. We give perfect experience.

What is spesial about Android?

Approximately 127 million people in the US use Android applications around the globe. Can you lose 900 million potential customers? KITRUM provides app development for companies over the world by using the maximum potential of Android.

For engineers, Android gives all the frameworks for creating applications swiftly and smoothly. Still, we have many tools, such as Eclipse, that assist drive the development process more satisfying. Android applications may be developed with Kotlin, Java, and C++ languages.

Tech stack we use for Android app development

KITRUM android mobile app development service

  • Android Mobile App Development Consulting

Before we start an order, our team of experts will consult with you and converse with you on your business needs, experts will analyze it, create a Proof of Concept, and develop a Minimum Viable Product. 

  • Back-end engineering

Our Android developers make use of the best coding + database practices. We keep in mind that the app would need updates in the future. 

  • Deployment

Not just we will develop your android app but also deploy it on Google Play Store. 

Users are the purpose you build an app for. So, we give the easiest navigational experience to your users/customers that eventually gives you higher conversions. We ensure elegant UI and smooth UX -two top factors of a successful mobile application to have you the best Return over Investment (ROI).

  • Android Mobile App Development and Testing

You will get professional custom Android mobile app services. We will help you build, upgrade, refactor, and test your Android application to ensure it meets your customer/users’ needs.

Our process:


Meet each other, decided on the cooperation model, establish requirements, write tech docs, build a custom team.


Choose an appropriate approach, pick the stack, constantly check code quality, and perform UA testing.

Post-launch support

Provide developers to fix possible bugs, online-support 24/7, continuing maintenance.


Clear communication

At KITRUM we practice clean and open communication between our customers and developers. At the start of the order, both parties agree on a communication schedule, sometimes it’s weekly or biweekly. 

Fast onboarding

Since we deliver services worldwide we have a team of communicators fluent in English and an adaptable accent. Time is not a problem at KITRUM. We are operating for new projects and candidates 24/7.

Consistent delivery

For the most fruitful output, our Android team uses multiple software development techniques such as Scrum, Scrumban, and Agile. We select a development methodology depending on the type of app to be developed. 

Decided to build Android app and need extra hands?