Augmented Reality tools for an Edtech startup


KitRUM is very proactive and, most importantly, open-minded. Their work ethic has been very impressive.

Olli Niskanen
Chief Technology Officer

Project Overview

3DBear is the best in the world in integrating 3D-modelling, Augmented Reality (AR), and 3D printing into the classroom. They provide schools and educational institutions with game-like software that makes learning engaging and fun. Thousands of students all over the world are using 3DBear. Finnish National Agency for Education, Elementary and upper secondary schools and vocational institutions in Finland, New York State Technology Committee pilot program, Alta Vista and Palo Alto schools in California, USA, etc. A year ago this client reached out with the request of building a core platform. 3DBear partnered with KitRUM to build a tool for learning higher-order skills via 3D design in augmented reality (AR). We build the tool to place virtual elements into the real world and interact with these elements. Our team combines device motion tracking, camera scene capture, advanced scene processing, and display conveniences.


KitRUM together with 3DBaear’s business analysts we estimated the project and decided to create a dedicated team. With this model, we engage the top 5% developers who have committed to being on the team long-term – in a way, they almost become your full-time remote employees. We allocated the team of React and Unity engineers which have developed the core AR platform. 

Tasks we covered

  • adding ARKit Wikitude view, enabling the camera
  • adding a 3D Object
  • displaying a 3D Object in the scene
  • setting up control buttons
  • provided with a high-quality product on schedule and on budget.

Tech stack we used

  • Unity
  • React.js
Education Technology
Collaboration period

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