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Educational software development services and e-learning systems

We transform the education industry with Ed-tech solutions.

KitRUM builds E-Classrooms, online education, Educational robots, virtual tests, and learning management software. We develop software and management E-learning solutions with flawless backend and simple and pure frontend, which helps educational organizations, large-scale enterprises, individual startups to obtain the highest production without troubles.

We can help you to build:

Educational Platforms and E-learning services

We develop management software and applications for Education companies and provide native apps for desktops, mobiles, and any other gadgets. We build Online Courses platforms with smooth UI and perfect UX.

AI Educational Apps

KitRUM offers entire solutions in AI Software for Educational companies. We create a bugs-free AI algorithm for services used by students and faculty.

School Management Platforms

School management software makes the supervisory process easier and, most important, automotive. You don’t need dozens of hours to register students and teachers, build a learning program, payment processing, parent communications, attendance and more. Also, we can build a custom mobile app that could be connected with the school management portal. 

Virtual Classroom

We help companies to build remote learning systems with AI, AR/VR, and 3D scanning. We also develop immersive spaces for education.


We build operational and educational chatbots and provide NLP and ML software development. We also create efficient teaching assistants to enhance student engagement.

Learning Management Systems

Organize eLearning content in one place, get full access to eLearning sources, monitor learner progress and results easily in the way you need it. There are a lot of LMS tools on the market, however, if you need a custom, made special according to your demands LMS – we can do it with our experience under our belt. 

We also have a great experience in developing:

  • ML driving test monitor solution
  • Training applications
  • AI-based solutions
  • Tutoring systems
  • Digital Learning Platforms
  • Educational gaming apps

All our solutions comply with the e-Learning standards like:

Tin Can API
Learning Tools Interoperability
Since 1998

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