Web/mobile app development

Amp up your business with a custom web application

We manage the entire lifecycle of web applications, from design to coding and testing, and then offer lifetime maintenance.

KITRUM’s dedicated web development team comprises 250 experts who are eager to contribute their time and expertise to your project. During our six years of experience, we have successfully delivered over 400 web applications for businesses worldwide. KITRUM web apps add value to FinTech, Retail, Entertainment, Healthcare, and a variety of other industries.

We create apps that address company challenges, adhere to business requirements, streamline internal processes, and leverage cutting-edge technology. We strive to give only first-rate results. We use the talent and experience of our veteran team to accomplish this.

Web App Development Methods

Single-page apps

GitHub, Facebook, and Gmail – all of these are SPA. A single-page app simply rewrites the already loaded page rather than loading a new page from the server each time the user accesses the app. Because the app is based on repeating content, this approach is used to avoid user experience interruption. Actually, cool UX is one of the most important pros of SPA.

Progressive web apps

Progressive apps are used to create cross-platform user experiences and are becoming increasingly popular due to the majority of mobile-driven traffic. They improve page loading speed and enable them to send notifications, which influences the conversion rate of customers. Furthermore, when compared to web-only applications, mobile-first applications are guaranteed to rank higher in Google.

Have an idea to build a web app? Need to implement additional features in your existing app?

Best approaches for web app development

  • Agile Methodologies
    We use Scrum, Lean, and Kanban. At KITRUM, we choose the best development methodology for every project. Our partners and customers are constantly active participants in the development process.
  • Up-to-date Architectural Patterns
    We develop applications using the MVP and MVVM architectures. You can rely on our code being consistently clear and maintainable.
  • Verified Tech Stack
    We use cutting-edge technology to safeguard apps and protect businesses and their customers from potential threats. We only accept frames and libraries that have been thoroughly tested.
  • Repetitive Testing
    We test code continuously to deliver working software sooner than expected. Before releasing the app to your market, we fix all bugs.
  • High-grade mobile app development
    A cost-effective way to meet your market demands and statement guidelines. We implement custom development for enterprises, companies, and MVPs to validate your concept and drive your product and development team to improve current products.
  • Smart and top-notch web app development
    We develop web apps for startups, medium-sized businesses, and large corporations. We’re here to make sure you’re up to date on the latest trends and innovative technology. Our goal is to maximize your growth and efficiency.

Why KITRUM Is The Best Possible Choice For Web App Development

Strong experience

KITRUM has over six years of experience developing and launching web applications for businesses throughout the world. We leverage our strength and expertise to make the entire process more cost-effective while also paying close attention to product quality to ensure that everything performs optimally during the testing stage.

Transparent Process

Our specialist conducts market and competitor research at the start of your project to ensure that your app is future-proof. Prototyping and complex architecture planning are the first steps. Following this stage, we move on to high-quality coding, and finally, our team conducts extensive testing prior to the launch stage.

Reliable Partner

Our developers make every effort to create and release your app, which is why we are interested in developing long-term trusting relationships with our clients. Even after your project has been successfully launched, we provide customer, technical support, and lifelong maintenance.

Web Applications We Work with 

  • Static web application 

Because static web applications are typically built with HTML or CSS, the amount of content you can upload is limited. Overall, these applications are not very adaptable when it comes to changing the code or the content. Only the company that created the app or a specialist could edit the code by downloading it and then uploading it back to the server.

  • Dynamic web application 

Dynamic apps have a more complex tech stack because they use databases to load data, which means that content is updated each time someone accesses the app. These apps are typically created with the PHP programming language, allowing you to implement features, forums, etc., easily. You can also modify the design to meet your specific requirements.

  • E-commerce 

The development of an e-commerce application is similar to that of an e-commerce website. Because the developers’ team must enable payment features for various banking systems, the entire process is more structured and complicated. Furthermore, every e-commerce app must include a management system for creating product listings and managing orders.

  • Portal web app

The term “portal application” refers to a type of application where users can access different app segments only through the homepage. Additionally, these apps could include forums, emails, chats, and so on.

  • Content Management System (CMS) 

If you need to update the content in your web app constantly, a CMS is a must-have. The administrator could easily implement changes by using the app designed by the KITRUM team to be user-friendly and intuitive.

  • Rich Internet Application 

Rich Internet applications, or RIAs, are used to enhance the user experience. RIAs combine an improved user interface with a broad set of desktop software functions on the client side. Any data manipulation and operation must take place on the app’s server.

Tech stack for Web App development

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