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.NET development services are based on .NET, a Microsoft platform that allows the creation of software applications. The .NET platform is used by companies in a wide range of industries, from financial and commercial to scientific and social. Our company has solid expertise and many years of experience in .NET development services.

The Benefits of .NET for Business

Easy Deployment

.NET simplifies deployment with features such as private components, unimpeded applications, partially trusted code, parallel versioning, and controlled code sharing. The code runtime is secure, reduces software deployment conflicts, and lowers performance troubles.


Since its release in 2002, thousands of developers have used the ASP.NET application development environment on Microsoft Windows Server™ 2003 and Windows 2000 Server. Both servers are very stable and reliable.


ASP.NET provides enhanced security for web applications, mobile applications, etc. With improved Windows validation and configuration management, code becomes secure. The common language runtime offers two essential features: code access security and role-based security.


Microsoft Windows 10 can work with the Internet of Things (IoT), increasing efficiency. .NET developers develop applications for the business to connect to IoT-enabled devices.


Features of .NET Development?

Object-oriented software development model

.NET is based on object-oriented programming (OOP). OOP is an approach in which the whole program is seen as a set of objects interacting with each other. This approach helps to build a complex system more simply and naturally. The entire subject area is divided into objects, and each of them is loosely connected with other objects. A weak connection results from three principles: encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. 

Convenient caching

Caching is a method of optimizing the performance in which frequently requested content is stored and used to service subsequent requests. Cached content can then be retrieved from the nearest cache instead of sending the request back to the web server.

Visual Studio IDE

Microsoft Visual Studio is the most sophisticated integrated development environment (IDE) available to programmers today. It results from a long history of developing programming languages and interfaces and has absorbed the achievements of many software development environments. It supports many programming languages and output platforms, whether for desktop software, web applications, cloud services, or mobile applications.

Cross-platform design of .NET Core

.NET Core is based on the .NET Framework architecture. However, there are several significant differences. For example, the platform can use cloud technologies, functionality for cross-platform, and modularity. Also, the runtime was separated from the library in the Core version.

Since the add-on is modular, each component is updated through a separate package manager. This allows you to update each module individually. As a result, a program or application can work with individual modules and not depend on updating the entire platform. 

Architecture Patterns We Work With 


  1. Microservices
  2. Multi-tenancy
  3. Headless (Decoupled)
  4. Serverless
  5. DDD
  6. CQRS


  1. PWA
  2. SPA
  3. MVC
  4. MVVM
  5. Reactive
  6. Micro-frontends

What clients say about our .Net expertise:


KITRUM has a really confident project manager who came through with a very professional and cleanly structured process.

Neil Welman, CTO & Co-Founder at Lulalend 

How can we help you?

  • Strengthen your team with .NET developers
    Professional assistance of KITRUM’s .NET developer(s) would help your company to achieve your goals faster.
  • Dedicated .NET team
    A complete team of .NET developers managed by KITRUM will ensure that your project is launched on time.
  • Complete .NET development outsourcing
    Leave it all to KITRUM: our specialists will do the implementation, support, and evolution of your .NET project. 

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