Custom Development for Electromyography Systems Company

Motion lab systems

KitRUM delivers consistently quality files and fixes to the client’s source code, addressing all compiler issues. The team shows expertise in Microsoft Visual Studio and is quick to pick up industry-specific knowledge as needed. Their communication, promptness, and diligence stand out.

Edmund Cramp
President, Motion Lab Systems

Project overview

KitRUM updated an EMG system vendor’s software source code to be compatible with the latest version of Microsoft Visual Studio. We use C++ and industry-specific file formats.

The Motion Labs had plenty of software from during the last two decades developed by engineers in early versions of Microsoft Visual Studio. Since those guys retired, that source code not gathers anymore with the contemporary version of Microsoft Visual Studio. We decided to begin the collaboration with the KitRUM team to fix it.


The client sent us the original source code they were operating with. We find the most reasonable and cost-effective way to fix all of the compiler errors. Now we’re discussing with the Motion Labs how to improve the process the program runs in general. KitRUM works in C++ and uses a complex file format particular to the Healthcare industry.

10 month (ongoing)
Collaboration period

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