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KITRUM is The Leading Angular Development Company

Angular development services are an essential tool for entrepreneurs and small-business owners who value their time, finances, and other resources. Using KITRUM for AngularJS for web application development, you get access to proven technologies and a talented team to utilize them. 

Here are Angular development experts who have the knowledge and experience to provide our clients with custom-built AngularJS web apps that fit their budgets. Moreover, regardless of that budget, we can guarantee fast delivery of functional, accurate code that fits the client’s specifications. 

What’s so special about AngularJS?

AngularJS is a JavaScript-built open-source front-end framework essentially supported by Google and by an association of people and organizations to discuss various difficulties faced in developing applications. It aims to explain the creating and testing of apps by implementing a framework for client MVC and MVVM architectures.

Angular was created with the focus to streamline the codes, address the concerns of the SPAs and increase its interactivity. Here at KitRUM our AngularJS developers know it and they are able to integrate some of the most complicated properties into your apps to make it more engaging.

Angular: The main features

AngularJS is a toolkit for creating the frame most adapted to your app development. It is completely scalable and runs well with other libraries. All features can be transformed or rearranged to fill your unique engineering process and editorial requirement

Angular development services

Single Page App

Progressive layouts in AngularJS helps to develop exceptional single-page applications that create a fulfilling background for the users. Angular Universal makes the SAPs truly SEO friendly.


With more than 5 years of clean reputation and proven experience, we give a far-sighted AngularJS consulting service. Don’t wait to contact us.

Real-time Application

Real-time apps like Chat apps, cloud storage, geolocation apps, etc. can be simply developed with AngularFire or Socket. Our software engineers combine it with Node.js, Grunt & Bower to improve the appearance and UX.

Who We Are

At KITRUM, we are a team of reliable, tech-savvy professionals with equal doses of creative insight and development know-how. In our day-to-day interaction with our clients, we strive to deliver effective, quality solutions that help better businesses inside and out.

  • We have a deep background working with Angular solutions and can easily work with highly loaded apps.
  • We boast effective communication skills that allow us to communicate directly with your team.  
  • We stay updated at all times, working with the latest Angular technology and remaining dedicated to continuous learning. 

What We Do

With KITRUM as your partner, you can develop highly-responsive, feature-focused Angular mobile and web applications in a variety of categories. 

  • Video Streaming 
  • Gaming and Content Distribution 
  • Review Websites
  • Travel and Hospitality 
  • User-Generated Content Websites
  • Game Streaming 
  • E-Learning 
  • Digital Payment 


A Fluid Development Approach

We work hard to ensure our clients are satisfied throughout the entire web and mobile app development process with our fluid approach to problem-solving. 

Unmatched Security

All of our Angular applications are highly secure, resistant to HTTP-level vulnerability, cross-site scripting attacks, and server-side attacks. From conception to production, we strive to make security a priority via avoiding Angular APIs, staying updated with the latest software, and preventing XSS. 

Ahead of Development Trends

We engineer high-quality angular solutions by keeping pace with all of the industry trends. From atomic design and encapsulated styling to micro frontends and progressive web apps, we can do it all. 

A Client Focus

Throughout the development process, we stay highly engaged with our clients. This allows us to continually source feedback from them, ensuring the final solution will be as close to their requirements as possible. 

Website Migration Services

We can help you enhance your existing site via upgrading or by migrating all of your current applications over to Angular. Either way, we promise smooth and hassle-free implementation. 

The Right Developer for You

We make it easier than ever to hire a specific developer to fit your needs and your budget. Simply choose from our pool of Angular developers and see if their skills align with your established project and cost. 

Valuable Performance Metrics

Angular is a client-friendly technology, with built-in performance metrics such as memory leaks, event loops, and application topology right at your fingertips. 

Global Reach, Small-Business Service

We have clients based all over the world, but that doesn’t stop us from providing the sort of close, personalized experience needed to get the job done right. 

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