Hiring Remote Teams: The Future Of Cost-effective IT Projects

April 2nd, 2020

Building Agile And Shock-resistant Projects In The Era Of Black Swans

It seems that the beginning of the year 2020 has put businesses on a course of a mandatory lean approach, which is going to be relevant in the indefinite future. At the same time, the demand and dependence on information technology will only increase.

For example, the analytics from IDC company predict the growing demand in China for the number of technologies for:

  • intelligentization of governmental governance
  • decentralization of central cities and city clusters
  • digitization of a healthcare system
  • development of contactless systems for businesses and services

It is obvious that the mentioned technologies will also be demanded by other countries that are among leaders of the world economy. Growth is also expected in segments such as warehouse management, online education, delivery services, and remote personnel management. AI will continue to develop with greater specialization tailored to the needs of specific industries, science, and healthcare.

How to seize the opportunities, optimally administer the funds and protect the business as much as possible from social and economic fluctuations? Here we want to share some ideas that will help you to achieve these business goals.

Open-source software

In the previous decade, businesses have been increasingly directed towards relying on open-source software solutions. There are a lot of reasons to make smart use of them, and here are just some main points:

  • Transparency. You can get full visibility into the code base, feature development, or debugging processes. It means that you can protect yourself from surprises that might come along with proprietary code and check what you’re getting in advance.
  • Reliability. At the moment, the open-source code is developed collectively under the supervision of experts. A contribution made by professionals from all over the world makes it way more reliable in comparison to many proprietary solutions.
  • Security. The ability to learn quickly about any vulnerability and fix it before it becomes a personal problem of your project is super advantageous. Open source community and vendors are very responsive and transparent about the problems, which is not always the case in a proprietary environment.
  • Flexibility. Open source typically allows various ways to resolve issues. Also, you can create necessary capacities within your team instead of losing time negotiating with software vendors and having to adjust to their deadlines.
  • Velocity. You can review the available options and find professional support or services quite quickly, which is nowadays crucial in the technology environment.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Of course, open-source solutions aren’t just free software, but as far as they don’t require any licensing fees, the overall project costs could be reduced, and sometimes significantly.
  • Lean approach. You can quickly start from any scale which is comfortable for your business. Using a community version could be a good start, and switching to a commercially-supported solution is even not always necessary.
  • Fewer risks. Using open-source software for core infrastructure helps to avoid typical problems of proprietary solutions, like vendor lock-ins or lack of customization.
  • Promise. Taking into account the current speed and prevalence of open source adoption, numerous experts state that such solutions are the future web, mobile, cloud, and analytics.

By the way, KitRUM was recognized as one of the 10 Best Open Source And Free App Builders Of 2020.

Serverless approach

“Serverless” platforms allow users to avoid work on configuring servers and save on infrastructure management costs. You also won’t have to invest in customization or development of applications for authorization, presence detection, or image processing. 


The serverless approach is a real resource saver for businesses unless they use serverless code infrequently, have to utilize high-performance computing or store particularly sensitive data. It’s main advantages include:

  • Savings in many aspects of project deployment
  • Freeing resources to other priorities
  • Faster time to market
  • Enhanced scalability
  • Improved network latency 
  • Effective geolocation

Team augmentation and remote teams

Some IT experts predict that near 70% of companies all over the world will increase their use of outsourcing in 2020. The reasons for that are clear: fierce competition for talents, budget cuts, shrinking of the time frames required to bring a new product or update to the market, the need to focus on core business expertise and much more. The list of pressing issues that companies have to address just to maintain their market positions is nearly endless.

Outsourcing contracts in 2020

Source: National Outsourcing Association

Today, companies outstaff software developers of particular specialization, or the whole “turnkey” teams. There are three main outsourcing models depending on the geographical distance between the client and the outsourcing service provider:

Choosing the right model depends on the client’s budget, requirements to cultural or time zone proximity, or the need to incorporate workforce from the countries the company wants to expand to.

  • Budget optimization
  • Time saving
  • Access to more extensive talents base
  • Increased flexibility
  • Ability to focus on the strategic aspects of the business
  • Reduced time to market
  • More possibilities for expansion to new geographical market

How KitRUM fits in?

More than 5 years of experience in software development outstaffing made us perfectly equipped for IT projects of any complexity. 

  • Our team of highly skilled software engineers has proven experience in building software systems based on open-source software.
  • Our programmers and project managers can boast vast experience in the implementation of serverless projects.
  • Our offices are located in the USA, Ukraine, Poland, and Mexico, which helps us to provide our clients with access to skilled specialists while helping to achieve a better balance of quality and cost of work. 

Are you planning something? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

Are you planning something?