KitRUM has been identified as a top software development company in Florida and San Fransisco

KitRUM has been identified as a top B2B Service Providers in Florida by Clutch, an advanced ratings and reviews site. We placed 15th position amoung of 2,865 Firms! Additionally, we took the silver amoung Best Software Developers in Florida.

Also we are proud to be noticed by – huge and authoritative website. Here we joined the list of the Top Software Development Companies in Miami, FL.

And also

KitRUM has been named one of the best Healthcare Software Development Companies by

“KitRUM is proud to be known for our perfection,” said CEO and Founder, Tatiana Murashchenko. “Our main goal and the ultimate purpose is to help our clients to build a perfect software product, and I’m inspired by real judgment and appreciation.”

Since our establishment in 2014, we have been motivated to serve our clients in the best possible way. Our experience covers all the types of the tech stack, we primarily focused on JavaScript, Java, Python, React Native development. However, if you need to apply some extraordinary things like Erlang, Next.js or Spark we have a few coders with such skills as well. We can develop a full-circle software product in our own development center or simply provide you with some additional code guys to envelop your current workflow.

So if you’re searching for a top-rated, superior partner to create something innovative, we’re always happy to discover the great ideas and help to realize them.