KitRUM has been rated as a leading custom software development company in Tampa

January 14th, 2019

It’s been a hard year for Tampa Bay. The local Football team has come in dead last in their conference, and they didn’t make the playoffs.  A total bummer by all accounts. Unlike in your kid’s Kindergarten class, they don’t hand out participation trophies in professional sports (Although they do get ludicrously high salaries for even riding the bench, I digress…)

Well, 2019 is already looking up for Tampa. More good news is on the way. We’ll start: KitRUM has been rated as the top custom software development company in Tampa.

How did this happen? It’s no surprise really. KitRUM provides a top-level of development for clients across the globe. This local recognition serves to emphasize the appreciation our clients feel for the results we deliver.

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