Mobile App – A New “Must-Have” For Employee Recognition Companies

November 20th, 2018

Saying that we’re living in the mobile era is no big news. Under constant time pressure, people are looking for information using their gadgets that are always at hand. This trend has led to the rapid development of mobile applications that make communication, search, and other actions more comfortable and safe.

Statista, a top provider of market and consumer data, provides the following statistics regarding the share of mobile internet in the total web traffic (April 2018):

Statistics and projections for worldwide mobile app downloads up to 2022 (in billions)

Acting on the basis of this and other statistics relating to mobile internet and apps, most leaders of the employee recognition market already propose their native mobile applications. They differ in functionality and reliability, which directly impacts their market success, but the trend is clearly favorable.

Following freshtrends is a bit tricky. Choosing the wrong direction could lead your company to financial losses. Missing the right trend can make your company lag behind its competitors, sometimes even to the loss of the whole market share.

Should you jump on the boat just because everyone else is doing it? Definitely not. But we know that’s a pressing question for many recognition companies, so we’d like to share some thoughts based on our own experience in this field.

Why your clients might want to use a recognition app?

Companies utilizing employee reward and recognition software highly appreciate the ease and timeliness delivered by mobile apps.

As most managers know, incentive works best when it’s associated with the desired behavior. The closer your act of appreciation is to the actual event, the better is employees understanding of what’s needed from their side at the workplace. What’s even more important, the employees aren’t left alone stabbing in the dark whether anyone had noticed their efforts and diligence.

Mobile apps help managers and peers to deliver feedback almost immediately. Of course, apps will never replace one-to-one communication, but they enhance some forms of positive feedback, like the public praising, that could not be done at ease in the “real life.”

High-quality apps improve ROI and overall effectiveness of recognition programs by driving more engagement and contributing to the ubiquity of positive, appreciation-based company culture.

What services could be delivered through the mobile application?

Well-designed mobile apps can deliver everything, even the most advanced features of online portals providing services related to employee rewards and recognition:

  • Granting with e-Cards
  • Setting and tracking the achievement of goals
  • Public employee nominations
  • A platform for peer-to-peer recognition
  • Tools for manager-to-peer recognition
  • Browsing rewards catalog and booking the desired items
  • Access to the rewards points status
  • Leaderboards and performance tracking
  • Integration with popular social media platforms

Mobile application as a unique sales point

While many market players offer mobile apps, not many of them are of genuinely high quality.

Not all apps allow peer-to-peer recognition, which is crucial for the worldview of the Millenials and Gen-Z, which makes the bigger part of today’s western workforce. Important things like the integration of all rewards and incentives programs of the company into one system are even rarer.

Under these circumstances, a mobile app could turn into a channel of clients attraction in its own right, not only a nice and convenient addition to your main services.

Need more information?

If you have any questions regarding mobile apps for the reward and recognition niche, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions on the subject.

A positive role model

Check one of our recent projects, a mobile application built for Online Rewards, an American company successfully serving the market of employee rewards and recognition.