Why You Need To Choose Python For Web Application Projects In 2019

February 22nd, 2019

The world of software development is moving forward daily. Naturally, the IT industry requires more effective solutions and modern approaches, and the choice of a programming language defines the success of your business. That’s why today we want to talk about one of the most popular programming languages–Python.

What is Python?

Python is old. It was developed in 1991 by programmer Guido Van Rossum. It’s a high-level programming language and the basis of many web frameworks. Since it has easy syntax, programmers are able to complete coding in fewer steps compared to Java or C++. Python rose to popularity among programming specialists in the 2000s, after the release of Python 2.0. One of the main features was its complete Unicode support.

Unlike other languages, Python was engineered as a full stack programming language regardless of web development. Thanks to its libraries and support, Python is an excellent option for any project, mobile app, web app, IoT, data science or AI. Through the use of Python, automating tasks (including 3D software applications) and programming desktop tools are very convenient.

Python’s layout is strict, making everything evident to the programmer. There are three core principles:
1). Explicit is better than implicit;
2). Simple is better than complex;
3). The complex is better than complicated.

Since the code structure is explicit, the programmers are easily able to tell where everything originates and leads, making it relatively simple to learn and easy to debug. Moreover, it makes the code readable. That’s why Python is excellent for beginners or for specialists already skilled in one language who want to learn another.

Furthermore, numerous companies use Python for their project development. For example, the famous social network, Instagram, uses Python 3. The main reason Instagram chose Python is the simplicity and popularity of the language. Simply put, it is ‘friendly’ to engineers, and due to this, they can focus on user-facing features.

Another example is Amazon. Since the platform analyzes customer habits and search patterns, they decided to use the Python machine learning engine which interacts with the company’s database Hadoop.
By the way, NASA also uses Python. Since the organization maintains extensive databases, this language is the perfect option to manage them all.

Features Of Python

Python is considered one of the most popular programming languages. It definitely has features which have attracted developers’ attention over the years. Usually, it is used in large companies because it involves object-oriented, imperative and functional programming. The features for choosing Python are:

  • Numerous Standard Functions

The majority of basic functions are initially included in libraries by default. They can be used in almost all programming tasks. Python saves developers time and effort by giving solutions for scientific computing, images and interface processing, and more.

  • Free

Because Python is an open-source programming language, it allows reduced costs. It is not only currently free, but it will also always be free.

  • Productivity and speed

Through expanded opportunities for technical process management, object-oriented design, and strong integration, speed and productivity are rather high. Python is a great solution for complex multi-protocol web apps.

  • Sustain variable

In contrast to many languages, Python requires no variables description. They are created in the place of their initialization, namely at the first assignment of any meaning for the variable. The type of variable is determined by the type of attributed meaning.

  • Specific Structures

A distinctive feature of Python is the availability of built-in structures as tuples, lists and dictionaries (or maps). The tuple can be called a `list-constant;` it remains massive, but its elements are uneven. List elements can be random objects, not necessarily of the same type. The dictionary is created by the enumeration of its elements with a comma and the confinement of all in a square bracket.

Choosing Python

Due to the simplicity and flexibility of Python, it is recommended for use in 2019. It is free, easy and reliable.

If you are in doubt or have only started to learn Python, watch this video:

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