Why Hybris is the Best Tool for eCommerce

September 30th, 2019

Hybris is one of the best Java-based platforms for eCommerce project development. On the surface, we noticed it is a popular eCommerce tool that allows hosts to market to both B2B and B2C clients – however, underneath the beautiful exterior is an even more attractive underlay with features that allow for a complete presence online for your business. 

So What is Hybris?

Again, Hybris is an eCommerce platform with a large global presence, holding large brand names like Samsung on its roster of users. It’s relatively easy to use even for amateur business owners into a marketing extraordinaire! It allows to fully integrate tools to build customer engagement, promote your products to both new and existing clients, and handle large amounts of traffic – all in one space.

Why is Hybris the best tool for eCommerce?

Many businesses switch to using a Hybris platform from their current one because it is built to accommodate any business need. The tools that Hybris offers is what makes it in itself the best tool for eCommerce. 

Some of these marvelous tools include:

It’s Order Management System:

Everything required to manage your product ordering, including accounting and orders in process, all in one convenient area.

It’s Product Content Management (PCM):

As any business soon understands, sometimes the most important part of your business, besides your customers and employees, is the tangible content and visuals you create to represent you. The PCM within Hybris allows you to control ever visual and piece of content from one place, so you can ensure every angle is being used. 

It allows you to build multiple store-fronts with one backing store

so that your business can reach an international customer base – it supports multiple languages, currencies, etc., and each can be adapted to the specific needs of a certain market.

And here is the slideshare how Hybris marketers diversify their approach to clients. The whole KitRUM team was amazed!

We recommend Hybris

KitRUM software developers compared Hybris with using some other similar platforms and figured out that Hybris works well for unified commerce functionality, and it’s backing by SAP gives it the benefit of many built-in customizations. Hybris is also the best for virtual alignment to your business needs – having developed and updated its system to ensure they’re up to date with tech and business needs. 

When you purchase a car and you know you’re going to be driving it a lot, you’ll purchase something you’re going to love and that will last for a long time – the same should go for the platform you base your B2B or B2C business through. Hybris is at the top for luxurious, yet durably strong eCommerce platforms that will ensure you catch the eye of every customer who cruises past. And, with the backing of SAP, you get the foundation of one of the world’s most trusted software companies.

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