Vue.js is The Next Big Thing, But Why Should You Care?

January 2nd, 2020

Recently, we’ve discussed the advantages and disadvantages of both React and Angular. But there’s a third Colossus of Javascript frameworks that goes by the name of Vue. Where does this next big name come into play?

Vue has been growing rapidly and has continued to be one of the top 5 most popular starred JavaScript projects on GitHub since 2017. Basically, Vue.js is the perfect learning platform for those dipping their topes into JavaScript. The framework offers a flexible and high performing basis for any project, offering many tools, such as Vuex (management) and Vue Router options that offer advantages to quickly speed up software and app development. Regardless of the many features that Vue has to offer, the framework is one of the most lightweight to use, ensuring programs run smoothly while using less space overall, and integrates well with most existent applications.

Here are 5 excellent tools that continue to build Vue.js’s impressiveness and the ability for faster app development: 

  1. Vue.js allows for easy code-sharing across multiple projects and teams through the use of Bit. While collaborating between platforms, the changes are synced and become part of a saved database of previously used code so your team doesn’t need to create the same type with each new application. Your projects save a huge amount of time by relying on Bit as a communicative tool to steer development.
  2. Storybook, previously used as a component of React, is now a useful workflow function on Vue.js as well. UI components can be built alongside your app development software as an isolated yet integrated method of aiding your design framework.
  3. The single-file components (SFCs) that you can build with Vue-Loader for Webpackallows for a pain-free method of loading your workflow with as much flexibility as possible. The project allows you to use various Web packs depending on your specific components, as well as many other features.
  4. Vue CLI 3 is one of the many reasons software programmers choose Vue.js over other frameworks. Linting, Unit Testing, Routing, and, of course, Typescript, and other tools allow you to quickly begin a project and save your presets for future projects. This allows your team to build and share reusable configurations – cutting preparation costs exponentially.
  5. Imagine being able to kickstart a project without then intricate set up required. With the many available Vue Templates, you can choose the right template for your stack. If you’ve modified your own template, you can also save it as an HTML or Javascript file, ensuring it incorporates correctly with the rest of your platform.

We highly encourage you to consider Vue.js, especially if you want to get all the advantages and the flexibility of open-source solutions. If you want to learn more about implementing Vue.js, please drop us a line!

Want to learn more about implementing Vue.js?