Java development company

KITRUM is known for its expertise in developing web-based mobile applications, games, business software, and network applications. Our outsourcing services for Java software development cover all project phases from architecture to deployment. We also develop secure, portable, and high-performance applications for a variety of computer platforms in heterogeneous environments. Our methodology promotes end-user communication, collaboration, and productivity, and lowers maintenance costs for corporate and consumer applications.

KITRUM Java Development Services

1. Custom Java development

KITRUM Java specialists perform a full custom development cycle, starting with design and research to the testing phase and implementation of your solution. We develop ERPs, high-security applications, and complex applications for banking systems. Our team creates large-scale systems and applications for corporate needs, which can handle a huge amount of data as well as several hundreds of users logged in simultaneously. 

2. Enterprise Web App Development with Java

There is a special Java Enterprise edition for building complex projects (known as Java EE). Set of particular APIs and runtime environments help developers to focus on custom functionality rather than platform development. 

3. Desktop application development

To develop high-load web applications for desktop KITRUM teams prefer to use frameworks such as Java EE. It is specifically designed and utilized for desktop application development.

4. Java-based apps maintenance and support

 Our specialists establish and promote clear and simple communication during the beginning stage. After the project is implemented we support your team in case of any misunderstandings and stay in contact for fixing internal issues that may arise while adjusting the solution into your business model. 

Technology we use for Java development

Java Platforms

Java Card

Java ME

Java SE

Java EE

Java Frameworks

Spring framework



Apache Wicket Servlets, Portlets

Security frameworks


Spring Security

Apache Shiro


ORM Tools


IBatis / MyBatis




Microsoft SQL



What’s so special about Java?

Java is a smooth and broadly-used programming language around the world. It’s an easy, protected, powerful, and high-efficiency language with an extensive array of experience-led abilities. Java web and mobile app development allow extremely adaptive apps that speedily modify to evolving market demands. Its ‘write once and apply everywhere’ feature allows engineers to create enterprise-level applications with swifter executing time. Java was produced to meet the significant demand for making app developments quicker and smoothly. Being a smart framework, it lets apps manage complicated tasks at the same time.

Main features

Java releases software for numerous platforms. Java applets run in a browser with Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which converts Java bytecode into native command and guidance and lets indirect OS or platform program execution. Java is always reliable, secure, threaded, and dynamic.


The principal benefit of Java is a program autonomous feature. Java one of the best language for cross-platform applications.


Java provides the agile development of adjustable apps that are simple to spread. Programs based on Java allow dynamically to increase its functionality.


Java-based products can complete multiple tasks, allowing engineers to create complicated interactive applications at once.

“We’ve been working with 2 Java devs Serhiy and Andriy for a year and we treat these guys as a part of our Dallas team. I was truly surprised by the level of the cultural proximity and project dedication”

— CEO of E-commerce company