Mobile measurement and fraud prevention platform


Rashid Isayev
Head Of Operations at


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Project Overview

Adjust handle advertising networks so you have time to fully dive into your business process. Our client works with more than 2000 partners, like Facebook, Google, Snap, and Twitter. Adjust is the first mobile app attribution solution with a fully responsive and robust partner setup. Adjust provide you with the instruments necessary for simplifying campaign optimization. With this solution, you’re allowed to enhance your mobile marketing faster, optimize application ROI, etc. Adjust also integrate mobile app analytics into marketing which gives constant insight.


Our dev team is helping to improve the platform that includes measurement, fraud prevention, cybersecurity, and marketing automation products. Together, we make marketing simpler, smarter, and more secure. In addition, Adjust had a pretty unusual and challenging request to build a team of system monitoring engineers and this team is currently working from our office 24/7.

Tech stack we used

  • Elixir
  • Erlang
  • Ruby
Collaboration period