Fintech Solution Development for Lending Company


Markus Florian
CTO at Creamfinance

KitRUM is innovative and always looking for new industry concepts to improve our business. Their synergy as a team is fantastic — truly is exponential in comparison to others.

Project Overview

Creamfinance is a financial services company based on cutting edge financial technology instruments. With over €35M in revenue and €100M capital raised, the company is currently operating in seven countries both within and outside of Europe. The company has recently been ranked as the second-fastest growing company in Europe.


Creamfinance contacted KitRUM when they already had a stable business model and almost 200,000 active clients in 5 countries. KitRUM’s dedicated development team has helped the client to adapt to the swift expansion and support ongoing service optimization.

Tasks we covered

  • step by step migration to the microservice architecture which guarantees the maximum adaptivity
  • implement security features for client verification, email validation, the security of personal info

Tech stack we used

  • PHP
  • Node.js
19 mounts
Collaboration period

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