Dedicated Software Development Teams

Can’t find skilled and trustworthy software developers locally? Expand your engineering team with our dedicated team built especially for your project.

A dedicated team is a means of cooperation when a particular team is absorbed into your software product sitting in the office of the outsourcing partner. We gather our dedicated teams from  300 in-house developers and cluster and configure them according to the client’s requirements. The Project Manager or lead defines the tasks and workflow, while the client is free to make tweaks here and there or comment on the working process.

Here are some WHYs in toward dedicated teams:

  1. Employing a software engineer in house full time in the US or Western Europe could cost you a pretty penny. The price ranges from $100K to $120K yearly. Also, we have to include the cost of staffing, onboarding, training of a new employee, management, and goodies pack to keep your employees loyal. Taking this into account all of these outlays, a dedicated team just might be very lucrative.
  2. With a dedicated team, you can regulate a workload and be as flexible as a gymnast hooked on pain pills. A dedicated team model is at its great choice if you want to fast-track progress towards the project and address the tough deadlines. Generally, it takes three weeks for KitRUM to establish and build your average run-of-the-mill team.
  3. Make the biggest jump on time-to-market. The need for speed is another advantage of dedicated teams. You can enjoy a much faster time-to-market since you don’t need to sidetrack the internal group from the primary task to deal with the nearby job’s requirements.
  4. Your workflow will be operating 24 hours per day. Using this practice you can build product lightning fast, in meantime handling all the meetings and sync ups.
  5. A dedicated team allows you to spare time and focus on your main business and crucial operations (or any bad habits you should probably feel at least a little ashamed of). With the help of our dedicated teams’, various companies and startups have brought technology solutions that transform their business model.

At KitRUM, we have broad experience in developing strong and skilled teams dedicated to a particular client’s project. Together with the client, we discuss the candidates’ profiles and begin researching. Then we handle the interview and deliver tech experts that fit our clients’ terms. With more than 6 years of experience, we build dedicated teams worldwide. Recently KitRUM we have been recognized as a Top Enterprise Software Development Companies of 2020.

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