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Software solutions for different industries

Our six years of experience laid the groundwork for our success. As a software development company, our expertise is in complex and demanding projects. We identify and structure the most diverse customer requirements, then execute the plans in various sub-trades, combining our expertise with reasonable prices.

At KITRUM, we use the latest innovative tools to solve all your business issues, romance problems, and other challenges. Our team has created a dozen useful products, starting from the pure cloud, different mobile and web applications to enterprise software and other programs.

We adhere to high-performance standards, have transparent processes, engage in shameless negotiations, and encourage open communication among our teams. The KITRUM team develops end-to-end solutions to extend your infrastructure or systems, from product roadmap and design to development, quality assurance, maintenance, and customer support.

Do you wish to streamline and improve your internal processes? Are you interested in modernizing your business and automating manual processes? Does standard software fall short of your requirements? We assist you by developing a custom software solution specifically for your business.

Custom software development for any type of project

Enterprise resource & process management software 

An ERP system integrates functions from multiple business units. In general, it entails administering all information about the company’s resources, including material, personnel, capacities (machines, manual workstations, etc. ), finances, and other data required to carry out business processes. While standard ERP systems offer a broad range of universal functions, they cannot compete with industry-specific software developed specifically for your business’s needs. KITRUM develops enterprise resource and process management systems, which include the following:

  • Customer Relationship Management Features
  • Financial and Invoicing Management 
  • Management Task Automations
  • Product integration
  • Scheduling
  • Time tracker
  • Sales tracking 
  • Recruiting automation
  • Document and project management

Supply chain management software 

Our developers create and integrate high-quality supply chain management systems for small and enterprise-level companies for more flexibility and optimization of internal processes. In addition, the mobile app version of SCM developed by KITRUM will help you to improve inventory management, supply chain, order processing, and distribution.

  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Inventory Management Software
  • Manufacturing Software Development
  • Asset Tracking Supply Chain Software

Financial management & accounting software 

KITRUM develops and implements comprehensive finance and accounting software solutions for various institutions that process a large number of transactions, keep track of assets and liabilities, carry out ongoing financial operations, and reconcile their cash workflows especially when data has to be consolidated in numerous companies with branches and subsidiaries. 

  • Custom Accounting Software Development
  • Custom Portfolio Management Software Development
  • Custom Financial Planning Software Development
  • Custom Tax Preparation Software Development
  • Custom Insurance Software Development

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Pre-release activities

When you get down to brass tax, KITRUM is fundamentally an enterprise software company. During our many years of accomplishing epic level tasks, we’ve accommodated many small, medium, and large businesses and enterprises alike. This practice allows us to build a process, which guarantees we deliver a tip-top performance for your company.


Software Prototyping

Software prototyping is a complete and total must for refining functionality, detecting potential bugs, and setting software development priorities among the development team.


UI/UX Design

At KITRUM, we develop breathtaking designs by turning loose information architecture, interaction design, user interface design as well as visual design approaches and methods.


Running alpha and beta tests

To ensure the quality of the product, the KITRUM team conducts alpha and beta testing throughout the software development cycle.

Post-release activities

Post-release is a necessary component, after the release of the software product on the client website or when it has gone live(duh!). We use it to test the program or app in all possible scenarios and to validate its release.


Technical Maintenance

KITRUM’s developers will accompany you through the launch stage in case any bugs arise. Technical support is important in the first several weeks for greater further application performance.


Customer Support

We will help you to process the clients’ feedback, analyze it, and let the conclusions influence your next actions.

Benefits you get with KITRUM’s top talents:

  • We use the latest engineering concepts to create software.
  • Our team has the technical expertise, demonstrable personal accomplishments, and experience with using open source tools and projects.
  • We are proficient with pattern design and automated testing.
  • KITRUM Engineers are experienced in creating and maintaining IT architecture and cloud-based systems.

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