KitRUM build firmware and embedded software for electronics companies

We help businesses worldwide create embedded software solutions for IoT, high-tech, automotive, manufacturing, and aviation industry.

Embedded software is similar to the firmware. However, the firmware is a particular kind of embedded software that is recorded in erasable programmable read-only memory. Firmware holds the basic instructions for hardware devices that make them operative. The embedded software is used for the general action of the device.

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Embedded engineers at KitRUM develop effective and reliable embedded systems in particular game consoles, network bridges, house devices, autopilot systems, and GPS receivers, anti-lock braking system (ABS), Electronic Stability Control (ESC/ESP). Our teams provide comprehensive development services and create embedded solutions with any kind of demands.

Embedded software development

Integration with third-party technologies

Product lifetime maintenance

Hardware development

Firmware development

Embedded software testing

Our dedicated development teams create reliable and effective embedded systems.

KitRUM experience includes hardware and firmware development. Our developers build trustworthy software solutions that fit complicated technical specifications of hardware businesses. We guarantee embedded software and hardware components smoothly manage various internal and external sides. Our software developers will navigate you in IoT-related tech stack to pick the equal that matches your project’s terms.

Our technical experience

We are professionals in technologies that are commonly used in hardware. Our software developers maintain the exceptional experience of C/C++ and other low-level programming languages.

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